Germany’s storm Lambert diverts Mallorca-Berlin flight to Copenhagen

Germany’s storm Lambert diverts Mallorca-Berlin flight to Copenhagen

Passengers on an EasyJet flight from Mallorca to Berlin were forced to take a long route home after storm Lambert diverted their flight to Copenhagen Airport.

Storm Lambert causes Mallorca flight diversion

As giant hail stones and torrential rain crossed Germany in the form of Storm Lambert on June 22, an EasyJet flight returning holidaymakers from Mallorca to the German capital was rerouted to Copenhagen to avoid the storm’s path.

The flight had been scheduled to land in Berlin at 10.30pm but was forced to make a sharp turn around just before landing to avoid the chaotic weather and wind conditions crossing Berlin at the time.

Speaking to the Mallorca Zeitung, a German newspaper based on the Balearic Island, an EasyJet spokesperson said that flight conditions in Berlin were particularly bad on Thursday evening as the storm crossed Germany. “The weather conditions, especially at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, also led to temporary suspensions of ground handling services during the evening, which also affected flight operations,” they explained.

Passengers stranded in Copenhagen

Once the flight made its diverted landing in Copenhagen shortly after midnight on Thursday, passengers were left to figure out how to get to Berlin.

Speaking to FOCUS a spokesperson from the airline said that the company had done everything it could to help passengers get to Berlin “by offering them hotel accommodation or alternative flights to their destination,” but that if no alternative was found passengers had been told to make their own way and keep receipts for any costs they incurred on the way in order to apply for a refund.

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