Getsafe: Everything you need to know about insurance as an expat - in English

Getsafe: Everything you need to know about insurance as an expat - in English


From Anmeldung to Zahnzusatzversicherung, figuring out life in Germany as an expat can be frustrating. The insurance system is particularly daunting. 

The experts at Getsafe specialise in helping expats navigate the German insurance system

As a student, you might need just a few products to cover all of your potential risks. But what if you’re expecting your first child? What if you’ve just been promoted? 

Every person’s situation is unique, so there’s no universal answer to these questions. And with so many providers and plans to choose from - and so much important-seeming information available only in German - what’s a non-German-speaking non-expert to do?

Finding the right cover is easier with professional help

When you speak to someone who knows the ins and outs of German insurance, you can make informed decisions about your insurance needs. 

Getsafe provides personalised consultations with English-speaking experts who specialise in helping expats navigate the German insurance system. They’re always up to date, know the subtle differences between plans, and can create an individually-tailored offer for you. 

Everything is in English, from the Getsafe app to your policy documents. The app itself is also a great way to streamline the insurance side of your German bureaucracy admin. You can even make claims 24 / 7 via the app! But whenever you need to speak to a real live human being, Getsafe is just a phone call, email or chat away.

getsafe support and making a claim

Protect your family, finances and health

Overwhelmed by all the options out there? When you’re living in Germany, there are only two kinds of insurance that are absolute must-haves for almost everyone: liability insurance and contents insurance. If you’ve just arrived here, get these sorted first. 

Once you’re more settled, there are several other types of insurance that are a worthwhile investment, depending on your particular circumstances. 

Income protection insurance

Getsafe generally recommends that anyone living in Germany get income protection insurance, which compensates you for lost income if you can’t work for health reasons. 

According to the Federal Statistical Office, one in four people in Germany will become unable to work for at least six months in a row over the course of their lives. It’s a good idea to make sure you and your family are protected, just in case.

Private health insurance

If you find the German healthcare system frustrating, you’re not alone. But for a lot of people, there’s another option.

Are you a freelancer? Or do you earn more than 66.600 euros per year as a full-time employee? If so, you can upgrade to private health insurance and gain access to top-notch medical care. If you’re a high earner (and often also if you're a freelancer), you might find you pay less per month than you would under the statutory system.  

Private pension insurance

What to do about retirement planning, especially when you’re not sure where in the world you’ll retire? Some German pension plans only make sense if you know you’ll be staying here long term, while others can be cashed out early if you move. 

Private pension insurance is a good option for most people because it can be adapted to your individual needs. 

Children’s savings plans

Building up a nest egg for your child while you’re living in Germany doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Whether it’s for travel, higher education or language classes, with the right children’s savings plan you can build an inflation-proof, sustainable financial cushion for your kid that’s easy to manage for you.

Simplify your life in Germany with Getsafe

Check figuring out your German insurance off your to-do list quickly and easily with a free consultation with Getsafe, and spend more time enjoying your new adopted country! 



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