Government advisors propose extra tax on meat, eggs and dairy

Government advisors propose extra tax on meat, eggs and dairy

Government advisors propose extra tax on meat, eggs and dairy

How can the conditions in factory farming be improved, while at the same time minimising costs for farmers? The German government has tasked a group of experts with working out an answer to just that question. According to a new media report, their recommended solution is an additional tax on meat, eggs and dairy. 

Tax surcharge could be added to animal products in Germany

In the interest of improved animal welfare in Germany, a group of government advisors are currently discussing the possibility of imposing a tax surcharge on certain types of food, including meat and other animal products. 

The Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung reports that this proposal is part of a draft recommendation put together by the “Competence Network for Farm Animal Husbandry”, which has been working on behalf of the federal government. 

According to the proposal, all meat products in Germany would be taxed at 40 cents per kilogram. The surcharge would also apply to other animal products: two cents per kilo of milk, milk products and eggs, and 15 cents per kilo of cheese, butter or milk powder.

Revenue would subsidise farming in Germany

The additional government revenue would then be used to compensate farmers for the higher costs involved with keeping animals in better conditions. This includes day-to-day running costs as well as initial expenses such as conversion work on animal enclosures.

The report envisions all livestock being given significantly more space and being allowed outdoors by 2040 - conditions which the majority of animals currently lack. 



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