Government plans billion-euro investment to make Germany a “bicycle country”

Government plans billion-euro investment to make Germany a “bicycle country”

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has expressed the government’s intention to invest heavily in making Germany a more cycle-friendly nation. The planned investments will include building bike parking garages and cycle paths, to make travelling by bike more convenient for people in Germany. 

The National Cycling Plan aims to improve cycling in Germany by 2030

At the National Cycling Congress in Hamburg, Transport Minister Scheuer presented the National Cycling plan, which details strategies that could be used to promote cycling in rural and urban areas up to 2030, to encourage more people to opt for cycling over driving

There are already 80 million bicycles in Germany, with the number expected to grow in the coming years. According to the Ministry of Transport, 40 percent of Germans plan to cycle more in the future.

1.46 billion euros to be invested in the next two years

Last week, the Transport Minister announced that the federal government would invest around 1.46 billion euros in cycling by 2023. By the end of the decade, the financial support should be approximately double that of 2020, with around 30 euros of funding allocated per person, though no firm commitments have been made about the plans yet.

The planned investment should help make transport in Germany more green, and help more people move away from getting into their cars to complete short journeys. 

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