A guide to getting started in Frankfurt

A guide to getting started in Frankfurt

A guide to getting started in Frankfurt

No matter whether you’re relocating for work or just looking for an adventure somewhere new, HousingAnywhere thinks that Frankfurt is the place to be. Here are their tips for making the most of “Mainhattan”.

Frankfurt is a luxurious city with a perfect mix of fun and serenity. If you are looking for classic and countryside in one place – Frankfurt is that place. As well as being a hub of finance, this mini metropolis on the River Main is also packed with interesting places like foreign-language theatres and cinemas, restaurants, bars and galleries. 

In this article, you will find not only useful tips on finding accommodation in Frankfurt, but also finding a job, getting about, and entertaining yourself.

1. Finding somewhere to live

When it comes to finding an apartment, Frankfurt has a whole variety of great neighbourhoods to choose from. It’s a good idea to do some research on each before you arrive, to narrow down your property search.

Westend is the top choice for the city’s wealthier residents, with its close proximity to both historic buildings and modern skyscrapers, as well as several other top-notch restaurants and bars. The neighbourhood of Sachsenhausen, best known for its beautiful architecture, bars and clubs, is also the top spot for museums, if you are a lover of culture.

Another lovely part of town is Ostend, the centre of Frankfurt’s cultural landscape. Here will you find the European Central Bank headquarters, a music academy and the Hoch Conservatory.

2. Working in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a great travel infrastructure and is well-connected to the rest of Germany, meaning that it is one of the country’s hotspots when it comes to finance, business and commerce. It’s no wonder that so many expats come to work here.

If you want to work in Frankfurt, you will need to apply for a working visa from your country of origin before travelling to Germany. It helps if you already have a firm job offer. Once you arrive in Frankfurt, you can convert your visa into a residence permit at your local Foreigners’ Office. If you are an EU / EEA national, you do not need a visa or a residence permit to work in Germany.

German business culture can come as a surprise to some expats! Things are a little bit more formal here. You will be expected to be on time and prepared for meetings. Don’t be concerned if people are a little more direct than you are used to – it’s not intended to be rude. 

3. Transit in Frankfurt

Travelling in and out of Frankfurt is easy, thanks to the city’s great train connections to other cities in Germany and across Europe. It is also home to the busiest airport in Germany. When it comes to driving in Frankfurt, however, things get a bit tricky. Traffic can be bad, and finding a parking spot an absolute nightmare, so the best way to move around Frankfurt is definitely with public transport.

In every corner of the city, you will be well-served with public transit options like buses, regional trains, trams and subways. As well as at the stations themselves, you can purchase tickets from vending machines at lots of different shops across the city. If you’re going to be a regular user, you can also purchase weekly or monthly tickets.

4. International schools and options for families in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not just a city of fun and money for ambitious young professionals, but also offers great opportunities for families. It has several public and private schools that offer bilingual education, perfect for expat families.

Some schools offer an all-round educational system – preschool, elementary and secondary levels using the Cambridge International Curriculum. Other schools even offer trilingual education starting from kindergarten. With so many different options on offer, you can be sure to find a school that will accommodate your children and their needs.

5. Fun in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a lot of public places to meet – for cycling, skating, walking, the options are endless! There’s nothing better than spending a sunny day by the riverside or, when the weather is not playing ball, you can visit one of the museums dedicated to film, architecture and modern art.

If you haven’t tried Frankfurt’s speciality apple wine on a balmy summer’s eve, you haven’t lived. Settle down at a roadside table, take a sip, meet wonderful people and breathe in F-R-A-N-K-F-U-R-T.

Still unsure about moving? Don’t be. If you’re a fan of big city life, Frankfurt’s where it’s at. Life is sweet, money can be made and nature can be seen.  

Read these tips again and pack your stuff.

If you are considering a move to Frankfurt, your first priority will be finding somewhere to live, and HousingAnywhere can help you rent an apartment in Frankfurt without any hassle.



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