Half of the 10 best train stations in Europe are in Germany, report finds

Half of the 10 best train stations in Europe are in Germany, report finds

With the 9-euro ticket and an extensive long-distance network, Germany is well known for its railways. Now, according to the latest European Railway Station Index by the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), five stations in German cities are among the 10 best in Europe.

Top railway stations in Europe revealed

The CCC ranked the 50 largest stations on the continent. To calculate each station’s score, the CCC gave a set number of points for the annual number of passengers per platform, the number of domestic and international connections, accessibility criteria, station lounges, access to taxis and the internet, and the availability of shops and restaurants.

This year's ranking saw some stations’ ratings decline severely. After ranking as the best station in Germany in 2020, and being ranked as the best European station last year, Leipzig Central Station fell out of the top 10 in 2022, with London St. Pancras, Birmingham New Street and Vienna Central Station also losing their high positions. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, train stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg were not included.

Five German railway stations among top 10 best in Europe

While Zurich HB won the title of best station in Europe due to its extensive shopping areas, overall the list was dominated by railway stations in Germany. In all, the main termini in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Berlin, Hannover and Düsseldorf were all included in the top 10 in 2022.

According to the CCC data, Munich Central Station had the largest number of local and international connections, offering services to 158 destinations in Germany and overseas. Hamburg Central Station had the second-largest amount of passengers in Europe, with 196 million passengers using the station in 2021. Only Paris Gare du Nord, served more.

The only thing letting rail stations in Germany down is a lack of facilities, with Hamburg only offering four shops and kiosks, compared to the 100 in Zurich. Despite not making the top 10, Leipzig Central Station had the largest number of facilities of any German station, with 85 shops and 30 restaurants.

In the rest of Europe, Centraal Station in Amsterdam was also rated highly, rising two places from last year to win joint-second place. Other stations on the list were from some of the largest cities in Europe like Paris, Rome and Milan.

The top 10 best railway stations in Europe in 2022

According to the CCC, the top 10 best railway stations in Europe this year are:

  • 1. Zurich Main Station
  • =2. Frankfurt am Main Central Station
  • =2. Munich Central Station
  • =2. Berlin Central Station
  • =2. Milan Centrale
  • =2. Amsterdam Centraal
  • 7. Paris, Gare de Lyon
  • 8. Rome Termini
  • =9. Hannover Central Station 
  • =9. Düsseldorf Central Station

To find out how the ranking was calculated, check out the Consumer Choice Center's website.

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