Half of people in Germany concerned about easing of restrictions

Half of people in Germany concerned about easing of restrictions

According to a study undertaken by YouGov for the German Press Agency (DPA), 49 percent of Germans think that lockdown restrictions are being lifted too early.

Coronavirus restrictions being lifted too early

Almost half of the people in Germany believe that the restrictions put in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus are being lifted too soon. 28 percent of people said they were satisfied by the pace at which the restrictions were being lifted, while only 15 percent of people said that restrictions were being eased too slowly and 8 percent didn’t provide any information.

The results of the study correspond with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own views, in which she has repeatedly warned against lifting restrictions too early and openly criticised state ministers who have gone ahead with easing restrictions. Certain western states, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg, already want to reopen with a three-step tourism and hospitality plan. In these states, over 50 percent of citizens think that restrictions are being lifted too quickly.

More people in the less-affected eastern states are for lifting coronavirus restrictions sooner, however, the majority still believe that restrictions are being lifted too quickly. In these states, 43 percent said restrictions were being lifted too quickly, 18 percent thought they were being lifted too slowly and 29 percent thought the current situation was right.

Government satisfaction high

Despite the majority of people thinking that the lockdown restrictions are being lifted too quickly, satisfaction in the government remains high. 65 percent of people participating in the survey rated the government's crisis management as positive, whereas 27 percent people were dissatisfied.

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