Hamburg becomes first German state to ban taxis with combustion engines

Hamburg becomes first German state to ban taxis with combustion engines

Hamburg is forging a new path in the electric transport revolution: the city-state has announced that it will ban taxis with combustion engines powered by diesel or petrol from 2025. 

No petrol or diesel taxis in Hamburg after 2025

Hamburg will be the first federal state in Germany to ban polluting combustion engine taxis. The state’s Transport Senator, Anjes Tjarks (Greens), told ntv that Germany had to make quick progress on climate protection in the transport sector and that she hoped Hamburg’s move “will send out a signal - for Germany and all of Europe.” 

From January 1, 2025, only emissions-free taxis will be allowed to operate in Hamburg. The city has been promoting the switch to electric taxis for almost two years now under its “Future Taxi” project. As NDR reports, two years ago, there were just five fully electric taxis in Hamburg. Now there are more than 350, making up 12 percent of the city’s fleet. 

Electric taxi fleet could save 2.000 tons of CO2 per year

According to Tjarks, the initiative has already saved 2.000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, and the electrification of the entire fleet could save up to 25.000 tons per year. Taxi companies are being supported to make the switch with funding and investment in infrastructure: this spring will see a new programme launched which will fund 360 electric taxis, 40 e-taxi stands, and 80 fast charging points. 

“The electric taxis have proven to be reliable, comfortable, and cheaper to operate than combustion taxis,” Tjarks said to ntv, adding that the popularity of the scheme had shown that “the industry is ready and willing to leave the combustion engine age behind.” 



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