Hamburg restaurant opens private greenhouses for corona-proof dining

Hamburg restaurant opens private greenhouses for corona-proof dining

A restaurant in Hamburg has found a creative and cosy solution to help customers dine safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

The first restaurant in Germany with greenhouse dining

The Anleger 1870 restaurant has prepared itself for the winter months ahead by fitting its terrace with heated glass greenhouses, allowing guests to safely enjoy their meals while still enjoying the view. Though greenhouses like these have been seen in some restaurants across Europe during the pandemic, Anleger 1870 is the first restaurant in Germany to install them.

The idea behind the greenhouses is that guests will be able to sit and eat their food within a private space, giving them greater piece of mind but still allowing them to enjoy that same restaurant atmosphere. 

High-quality greenhouses

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and the hospitality industry as a whole have been severely effected by coronavirus restrictions, and many restaurants have been forced to invest in new solutions. It is hoped that by creating an environment which is safe yet still enjoyable, customers will continue to dine out throughout the winter.

Each of the greenhouses at Anleger 1870 hold between two and eight people, and can be booked twice per evening, with 30 minute breaks between each use for cleaning. The minimum spend per person (including drinks) is 45 euros, to help the restaurant recover its investment.

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