Head of hospital association appeals for Germans to get vaccinated

Head of hospital association appeals for Germans to get vaccinated

Head of hospital association appeals for Germans to get vaccinated

The head of the German Hospital Federation has called for people to get vaccinated to ease the strain on the country’s healthcare system and hospitals. The hospital chief stressed that everyone "has the right" to fall ill, but that should not come at the cost of others.

The right to fall ill in Germany

The head of the German Hospital Federation, Gerald Gaß, has appealed for anyone who is still unvaccinated to consider getting jabbed in order to relieve the strain on the healthcare system and allow other people to receive vital care. "We live in a free and democratic society in which there is fundamentally an individual right to illness for everyone," said Gaß. “However, this right to fall ill must not pose a threat to others.”

Gaß emphasised that every patient receives the best possible care, with no prejudice towards those with self-inflicted injuries or illnesses that could have otherwise been prevented. "Nevertheless, I can understand the indignation of many employees, especially in the intensive care units, who accuse the unvaccinated COVID patients of inconsiderate behaviour," he said.

Gaß calls for solidarity

According to Gaß, around 90 percent of people suffering from coronavirus in intensive care have not been vaccinated. "Every intensive care bed and every ventilation unit that is used by an unvaccinated patient is not available to another seriously ill person at this moment," he warned. Healthcare staff have also been stretched thin, as nurses and doctors who are taking care of COVID patients cannot attend to other patients with life-threatening conditions.

According to Gaß, getting vaccinated not only relieves the strain on the healthcare system, it also helps free up resources that could be used elsewhere. "It is an important act of solidarity and social cohesion to protect the scarce and valuable human and medical-technical resources in our hospitals for the seriously ill patients who urgently need them by vaccinating themselves."

Gaß also warned that healthcare employees could end up quitting out of frustration if unvaccinated people continue to take up healthcare resources.

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