Highest grass pollen warning issued across Germany

Highest grass pollen warning issued across Germany

The German Weather Service (DWD) has warned that the country’s Pollen Danger Index is in the dark red and hayfever allergies will be particularly aggravated over the coming days.

German DWD issues highest grass pollen warning

The DWD has issued the highest warning level for grass pollen and instructed allergy sufferers in Germany to be particularly vigilant over the coming week until June 9, 2023.

Across Germany, grass pollen levels are expected to remain in the high, dark-red warning throughout the week, as the season for high grass pollen concentration begins in the federal republic. Only four areas in the country, including southern Bavaria and southern Saxony are currently in a middle-to-high red warning. The season typically lasts between the end of May and the end of July and is recorded on the Hexal Pollen Calendar and Map.

Using the Hexal Pollen Map to manage allergies

Throughout allergy season, those affected can use the Hexal Pollen Map to check which allergy-inducing plants are in their surroundings and of the grass, birch, ragweed, mugwort, rye and ribwort plantain pollens, which are the most potent at that time.

If you know which pollen types are most triggering to your allergies, it is also possible to download the pollen calendar and map on your mobile phone and adjust the settings to receive a notification when certain pollens reach your location.

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