Improved train services to run between Berlin and Amsterdam

Improved train services to run between Berlin and Amsterdam

The German Ministry of Infrastructure has made plans to improve rail services between Amsterdam and Berlin, in order to provide an affordable and sustainable alternative to flying.

Germany plans new routes to the Netherlands

Germany is taking numerous steps to improve train connections across Europe so as to provide a proper, viable alternative to flying. The Netherlands has already been looking to reduce travel time between Amsterdam and Berlin by 30 minutes, which it aims to achieve by 2024. Germany, however, is making even more ambitious plans. 

According to timetable plans made under the direction of the German Ministry of Infrastructure, the country hopes to cut travel time between the two capitals by 55 minutes - from 6 hours and 22 minutes down to just 5 hours and 27 minutes - by 2030. 

This new route will see trains reaching faster speeds and making fewer stops. The service will continue to run every two hours, but in addition to this, Germany is hoping to introduce a different service that will mean trains will run between the two cities every hour. 

Improving rail services in Europe

On top of the plans coming from Germany, the Netherlands is also taking steps to improve rail connectivity. The country has already put aside 50 million euros to improve infrastructure and cut travel time to Berlin. 

The Netherlands is also looking to introduce new rail services that will run across Europe. This year, Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS) will launch a nightly service to Vienna which will travel through Munich and Innsbruck. 2020 also saw NS announce plans for a night train between Amsterdam and Zurich, and a faster service between Amsterdam and Brussels, cutting travel time from almost three hours to under two and a half hours.

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