Jaberi Lawyers: Your trusted experts in Germany for immigration support

Jaberi Lawyers: Your trusted experts in Germany for immigration support


Are you considering a move to Germany? With its powerful economy and vibrant culture, Germany offers many opportunities for individuals and businesses from both within and outside the EU.

Jaberi Lawyers understands that the immigration process can be complex and overwhelming. As immigration lawyers with expertise in various areas, they’re here to guide you through the journey of moving to Germany smoothly and successfully.

New immigration law: Germany simplifies migration and expands job opportunities

Germany has just waved through a new immigration law, which has made a number of improvements to current policy, in order to facilitate the migration of skilled workers from non-EU countries to Germany. 

The new law enables applicants to apply on the basis of their professional experience (Erfahrungssäule) or other skills if their qualifications are not recognised in Germany

The key improvements made by the draft law include: 

  • Enabling applicants to use professional experience or other skills (Erfahrungssäule) to prove their status as a "skilled worker" if their qualifications are not recognised in Germany.
  • Reducing the required income threshold for university graduates applying for a Blue Card to 3.500 euros per month.
  • Allowing new Blue Card holders to bring their families with them to Germany under Family Reunification. 

The Opportunity Card

As part of this immigration law overhaul, Germany is introducing a provision called the "Opportunity Card", a points-based immigration initiative targeting international talent. Professionals can utilise the Opportunity Card to search for employment in Germany for up to two years, focusing on securing positions in their fields. 

Here are some key elements of the Opportunity Card scheme:

  • Points-based qualification: Points are allocated for qualifications, experience, age, German language proficiency, previous stays in Germany, and spouse qualifications. 
  • Job exploration: The card offers an opportunity for international professionals to explore job openings in Germany.
  • Flexibility: Job-seekers are allowed to take part-time and short-time positions while searching for a permanent position, to enable them to cover their living costs during the job search. 

The Opportunity Card showcases Germany's commitment to fostering diversity in its workforce. Germany aims to attract global talent for mutual growth and success. 

New naturalisation laws

The reform plans introduced by the federal government also seek to simplify the naturalisation process in Germany. In future, dual naturalisation will in principle be possible for all applicants, giving them incredible advantages and opportunities. 

The reform plans aim to remove certain challenges that have traditionally impeded naturalisation. For instance, the requirement for a language proficiency test will be reconsidered for older generations of guest workers who arrived in Germany before June 1974. The time that someone must live in Germany before being able to apply will also be reduced, down to five or even three years in some cases. 

Visa categories and immigration options

Jaberi Lawyers recognises that each individual and business has unique cases. That's why they offer services covering a range of visa categories to suit your specific needs.

Jaberi Lawyers Office specialises in a wide range of immigration services, including business immigration, the EU Blue Card, the Golden Visa option, helping skilled individuals find employment opportunities in Germany, guidance on student visas, family immigration options, permanent residence, German citizenship by naturalisation and Iranian law considerations. The team can provide personalised and tailored advice in German, English, Farsi and Turkish. 

The team not only guides you through the application process, but also can help you and act on your behalf to resolve or reserve decisions made by authorities. 

Specialised lawyers

The team at Jaberi Lawyers Office prides itself on offering comprehensive legal expertise that sets them apart from migration consultants: they have both specialised legal knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies of immigration law.

Their approach goes beyond surface-level assistance, providing expertise in various areas including administrative law, family law, employment law, international law, tax law, contract law and more. This comprehensive approach means they can address the multifaceted challenges that often arise in immigration cases.

By utilising their experience in these complicated matters, Jaberi Lawyers are better equipped to navigate complex scenarios, provide tailored solutions, and advocate effectively on behalf of their clients. Your case is safe with Jaberi Lawyers! 

Visit the Jaberi Lawyers Office website for more information about their services and to start your immigration process. Your new life in Germany awaits – make it happen together with Jaberi Lawyers.



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