KLforExpats: Your guide through the German health insurance system

KLforExpats: Your guide through the German health insurance system


So, you’ve decided to move to Germany. Did you know that health insurance is obligatory for everyone here, including the self-employed? Navigating the German healthcare system and all the different insurance options, on the other hand, is no mean feat, especially for a newcomer. 

Let KLforExpats help you!

Contact KLforExpats for independent, free advice on health insurance! 

KLforExpats is an English-speaking German insurance broker specialised in the insurance needs of expatriate employees working in Germany.

They guide you through the German healthcare system and put your mind at ease when it comes to finding the right health insurance.

What does KLforExpats offer?

KLforExpats’ customers come to them for: 

  • English-speaking, no-nonsense help with German health insurance.
  • A personalised, one-to-one service where you speak with the company’s co-founder and specialist advisor, Mirja
  • Zero costs, without compromising on finding the best plan. Health providers pay for KLforExpats - you don’t! 
  • End to end service, from helping you to choose the right plan and signing you up, to helping you make a claim.

personalised service klforexpats

Experienced & Independent insurance brokers

With more than 25 years of experience, and without being bound to any single insurance company, KLforExpats can represent your interests expertly and independently. You can rest assured that they will find the best possible solution for your needs, hand-picked from the vast range of offers on the market. 

Personalised service

Because they are a small team, KLforExpats still has that personal touch. They are flexible, uncomplicated and speedy. Even better, they know their clients individually and take the time to deal with their unique requirements. Clients are considered partners, not customers. Deciding in favour of KLforExpats means deciding in favour of transparency and sensitivity. 

KLforExpats' Expert Corner

KLforExpats not only provide an in-person service, but are also there for you online. Their brand new Expert Corner answers literally any question you might have about health insurance in Germany - including your responsibilities as an employee starting a new contract, private versus public health insurance, and supplementary and travel health insurance options.

And that's not it - the guide also delves into how the German social insurance system works, covering not just health insurance but also long-term care and incapacity benefit.

Contact KLforExpats

So, when you plan to apply for a blue card or if you just got a German job offer, let KLforExpats support you! They will help you to find the right health insurance solution to meet the requirements of your company’s HR department. You can contact them even before you start living in Germany, to make sure you are prepared well in advance of your move. 

They promise to be your best guide to avoiding stress and doubt and finding the coverage you need. 

Get in touch today and find out how KLforExpats can help you!



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