Landlord tears down house in Germany with tenant still inside

Landlord tears down house in Germany with tenant still inside

Thought that you had the worst landlord ever? A landlord in Germany has been placed under investigation by police after tearing down his property - while the tenant was still inside the building.

The worst landlord ever?

Landlords aren’t known for being the friendliest people in the world and should you ever miss a rent payment or get too many noise complaints, they will come down on you like a tonne of bricks. Perhaps taking this reputation a bit too literally, a landlord in Germany has found themselves in hot water with the police after partially demolishing his house… while the tenant was still inside!

The landlord reportedly used an excavator to tear a hole in the roof and partially destroy the external wall of the house. After the incident took place, the tenant contacted city authorities, who then contacted the police.

Police are investigating

"The tenant was in the house at the time, but fortunately was not injured," local police said in a statement. Officials subsequently announced that they had begun to investigate the incident.

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