Lebara Germany: Cheap calls and internet for global citizens

Lebara Germany: Cheap calls and internet for global citizens


Being an expat in Germany comes with its fair share of challenges, but connecting with your friends and family back home shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Lebara has crafted its prepaid telephony packages with global citizens in mind, offering cheap international and national calls, high-speed internet and flexible, no-obligation tariffs. 

Choose from dozens of prepaid phone packages with Lebara - all without a contract 

Lebara offers both prepaid plans and SIM-only plans to help you find a package that suits your needs to a T. Now, for a limited time only, you can save on connecting with your loved ones both at home and abroad with unlimited free calls to 130 countries and 50 percent off all Komplett plans. But hurry - the offer is only valid until the end of March! 

Get a flexible mobile phone package - without a contract

Instead of locking you into an inflexible contract for up to 24 months, Lebara lets you phone and surf the way you want with prepaid tariffs. The wide variety of options means everyone can find the right combination of data and minutes to suit their individual situation - no matter whether you need to make calls abroad, use the internet regularly, or both. 

And you also get maximum flexibility - without contractual obligations, long contract periods or notice periods. Simply top up your credit each month (or set up an automatic top-up payment) to continue surfing and making calls. When you don’t need your plan anymore, you can stop topping up. If you don’t make any calls or surf the internet, you don’t pay anything. You can start topping up when you need to use your phone again. 

A prepaid tariff to suit everyone

No matter whether you’re calling Germany or abroad, need 5GB of data or 25, there’s a Lebara prepaid tariff to suit everyone. If you find at any point that you need more data or want to make more calls, you can use the MyLebara App to adjust your tariff at any time. You can also purchase one-off add-ons to get extra data, or additional minutes, whenever you need them. 

All tariffs use the nationwide D-network including LTE / 4G, allowing you to make full use of your smartphone’s functions, surf the web and make phone calls anytime and anywhere. 

Unlimited calls to 130 countries (until March 31)

For a limited time only, all Lebara prepaid tariffs include free and unlimited calls to over 130 countries around the world, up until March 31, 2022. There are no hidden costs and no need to activate, as this deal will be automatically added to your Lebara tariff. New customers also benefit from this promotion. 

The following 134 countries are included in the special offer: 

country list lebara mobile

Get 50 percent off your first 12 weeks

On top of that, new Lebara customers can get a 50 percent discount on all Komplett tariffs for the first 12 weeks with a new SIM card or an automatic renewal. That means, for instance, you pay only 9,99 euros per month for the first three months for 10GB of data, unlimited minutes to Germany, and 250 international minutes to 50 countries (and 19,99 euros per month after the deal ends). 

This offer is only available online, so head to the Lebara website to take advantage. The discount will be automatically applied when you get to the checkout. 

Get a free SIM card with 3 euros starting credit

Ready to get started? You can order a free SIM card with 3 euros of starting credit on the Lebara website, or choose your optimum prepaid plan to get started with minutes and data included. 



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