Merkel warns of tougher coronavirus regulations in appeal to population

Merkel warns of tougher coronavirus regulations in appeal to population

Merkel warns of tougher coronavirus regulations in appeal to population

As the number of coronavirus infections continues to rise in Germany, Angela Merkel has urged the population to adhere to coronavirus restrictions and has warned that even tougher restrictions may still be imposed.

Merkel warns of tougher restrictions

On Friday, Chancellor Angela Merkel held an emergency conference call with the mayors of Berlin, Bremen, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart, the 11 largest cities in Germany, to discuss the rising number of coronavirus infections in the country.

"We all sense that the big cities, the urban areas, are now the arena where we will see if we can keep the pandemic under control in Germany as we have done for months, or if we lose control," Merkel said after the talks. "The coming days and weeks will decide how Germany gets through the pandemic this winter."

New measures aimed at combatting the spread of the virus have already been brought into force in Germany. However, Merkel warned that if the infection rate in Germany doesn’t stabilise soon then tougher restrictions may have to be introduced. According to the text that was agreed at the meeting, “further targeted restrictions are unavoidable in order to further reduce public contacts” if the infection rate isn’t reduced.

Stopping the spread of the virus

Several areas in Germany have been declared “high-risk” zones, with Berlin and Frankfurt being designated high-risk last week after surpassing 50 new cases per 100.000 people in seven days. Germany’s new coronavirus measures are aimed at reducing the infection rate, with the aim of reducing it to the point where it will be possible to trace the chain of infections.

In light of this, it has also been agreed that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) would send experts to help in cities that have exceeded an incidence rate of 35 infections per 100.000 inhabitants over seven days. Cities can also request that the German army be drafted in to help coordinate support services and assist in managing the fight against COVID-19.

Merkel appeals to the population

Angela Merkel also appealed to the German population to help in the fight against the virus by making sure they follow the country’s coronavirus regulations. She also asked people to use the coronavirus app and regularly air out rooms as it gets colder and people start spending more time inside.

The Chancellor also appealed to the young people of Germany, asking them to think of their jobs and educations, as well as keeping in mind the health of elderly family members and loved ones. "Think about what is most important to you," she said. "Isn't it the health of your family, your grandparents? Isn't it, also in the next few years, to have good training and work opportunities?"

Merkel expressed her sympathy towards struggling businesses and the hospitality industry as the country’s new coronavirus measures include an 11 o’clock curfew and a restriction on alcohol sales. "We have proven that we can stick together against all this. And we must continue to do so."

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