More details released about Berlin's 29-euro monthly ticket

More details released about Berlin's 29-euro monthly ticket

Last Thursday, after weeks of debate, the Berlin Senate announced it would be starting a new discount public transport ticket. Now, more details about the discounted scheme for public transport have been released. 

Brandenburg will not participate in Berlin's discount public transport ticket

As a follow-up to Germany’s 9-euro ticket scheme, a new 29-euro monthly ticket will be valid from October 1 to December 31, 2022 in Berlin. It has been confirmed that the state of Brandenburg will not be taking part in the scheme. This means the ticket will only be valid in zones A and B of the transport system. Zone C, which extends in places into Brandenburg, is not covered.

Anyone trying to commute into the city of Berlin from places like Potsdam or trying to get to the airport (BER is situated in zone C) will have to buy another ticket for the part of the journey outside Berlin.

Who can get Berlin’s 29-euro ticket

Unlike the 9-euro ticket, Berlin’s 29-euro ticket won’t be available to buy from stations. It is only available to people who currently hold (or now take out) monthly AB “Abo” subscriptions for zones A and B. According to the BVG, the 29-euro ticket will be available to people with the following subscriptions:

  1. 10am tickets with monthly and annual direct debits
  2. VBB-Umweltkarten with monthly and annual direct debits
  3. VBB-Firmentickets with monthly and annual direct debits
  4. Trainee subscriptions with monthly direct debits

Monthly subscriptions will have the price automatically discounted, while people with yearly subscriptions are expected to receive refunds.

According to Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg, around 850.000 people currently have an “Abo” subscription in Berlin, including children attending schools in the city, who get the ticket for free. However, the 70.000 people who have ABC or BC subscriptions will not benefit from the scheme.

Details still yet to be decided

There are some details regarding the 29-euro ticket rules that are yet to be decided. It has not yet been announced whether ticketholders will be able to bring a bike or pet with them but if the new ticket follows the same precedent as the 9-euro ticket, then most likely the same rules as your normal subscription will apply. So, passengers can bring their bike if it is included in their usual subscription.

As for pets, the new ticket should allow for one dog for free – as per the usual BVG rules. This also means that passengers should be able to bring one adult and up to three children with them on evenings and weekends.

It also remains to be seen whether students with semester tickets will benefit from the discount.

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