New Berlin-made AI app will simplify German bureaucracy for expats

New Berlin-made AI app will simplify German bureaucracy for expats

A Ukrainian, Berlin-based start-up, Ridocu, has announced plans to launch an app which will help foreigners in Germany navigate the country’s complicated bureaucratic systems.

AI app to make German bureaucracy easier

Among the things beyond the comprehension of the puny human brain are both the exponential development of AI technology forecast for the next five to 10 years and the idea that bureaucracy in Germany will ever be simple and painless.

Now, a Ukrainian businessman living in Berlin has set out to use AI technology to make the latter, unthinkable dream become a reality. Ridocu, short for “Rid of Documents” is the brainchild of Dmitry Zviyagilsky and aims to “facilitate communication and correspondence management for expats and refugees who have frequent communication with officials or other authorities whose language of communication is not the native one of the users”. 

So far, it is planned that the app will be available in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. 

Ridocu uses GPT technology to develop app

The Berlin-based company has yet to reveal extensive information about how the Ridocu services will work and which specific bureaucratic tasks it will aid.

So far, the start-up has said that the app will use GPT-based artificial intelligence developed by the company, which will “allow users to photograph [a] letter or, in the case of electronic correspondence, simply upload a PDF, text, or other files; after processing the photo of the letter or uploaded file, the system will do the rest”. The app will also use a real-time Speech2Speech translator.

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