New "corona break" scheme funds holidays for low-income families in Germany

New "corona break" scheme funds holidays for low-income families in Germany

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for everyone - but especially for families with children. Not everyone can afford to take a holiday and get away, and so the German federal government is supporting low-income families with its “corona break” scheme. 

Germany covers costs of holiday for low-income families

Eligible families with low incomes can now book a stay at a holiday home or recreation centre in Germany, and have up to 90 percent of the costs covered by the state. The “corona break” scheme is intended to enable families with low or medium incomes, or those with relatives with a disability, to take an inexpensive holiday from the autumn onwards. 

Using a calculator, families can work out whether their income falls below the government’s set limit, and therefore whether they qualify for the scheme. Eligible parents need to have their main residence in Germany and be entitled to child benefit for their child or children. 

Two subsidised holidays possible before end of 2022

The government will cover 90 percent of the cost of a stay at one of the participating facilities in Germany, with families left free to choose where they would like to go. They can also choose when they would like to go, with a holiday of up to seven days possible before the end of 2021, and another seven days covered until the end of 2022. 

More information can be obtained via the special hotline on 0800 866 11 59. 



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