New "toilet finder" app goes live in Frankfurt

New "toilet finder" app goes live in Frankfurt

New "toilet finder" app goes live in Frankfurt

We’ve all been there: one too many drinks and suddenly the urge to go to the bathroom is overwhelming. You search desperately for a public toilet but can’t find one anywhere. Well, luckily if you live in Frankfurt, those days are behind you…

Locate public toilets from your phone

“Who hasn’t been in that situation suddenly, and then not know where to go?” asks Benjamin Scheffler, Managing Director of Frankfurt Disposal and Service (FES). He's introducing his company's new service app, which can locate public toilets.

The “FES ToilettenFinder” is, as the name suggests, an app that helps you find a public toilet when you've really got to go. And it's intended for tourists and citizens alike! Once downloaded on your mobile phone, the app connects to Google Maps and shows the location of over 80 public toilets in Frankfurt.

If your phone has GPS enabled the app will show the toilets closest to your current location. If you don't have this available, don't worry because the map is easy to orientate. The app also allows users to check opening times, fees and barriers - and even if there is a changing table available.

Users can check and report the condition of toilets

Twelve of the public toilets featured on the app are operated by the FES, meaning you can report on their condition (cleanliness and function) directly to the FES via the app. The app is also set to be developed further in the future, adding more toilets and new digital services provided by the FES.

The app is available for free download right now on both Apple and Android, so what are you waiting for? Make bathroom emergencies a thing of the past! 

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