New night trains to Prague are on the way

New night trains to Prague are on the way

On Tuesday the Czech transport firm Regiojet announced a new night train service to connect the European cities of Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. The new service is set to be launched in 2022. 

Trains will leave at convenient times for weekend breaks and business trips

Plans drawn up propose that the new trains, which will stop by two German cities, will depart from either Brussels or Prague in the evening and arrive at their destination the following morning. 

This is not only convenient for travellers seeking a city-break at the weekend, but is also great for employees and affiliates of EU institutions based in Brussels. The convenient departure times will provide good connections between the EU base and many other major European business hubs. 

The new night train will be equipped with free internet onboard

The service, which will connect five large cities that are well-known hotspots for tourists, is also well-equipped for travelling businesspeople. The trains will be equipped with free on-board internet, and a range of carriages for both sitting and sleeping. 

Northern Europe in particular has seen a recent flurry of both proposed and actualised new train routes to connect major cities, in a turn back towards the days of the Trans-Europe Express (TEE) in the 1970s and 80s. 

Other new train routes include Berlin to Stockholm 

Among the new train routes, the Swedish private company Snelltåget intends to introduce a night train from Berlin to Stockholm in 2021. 

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), along with other transport firms in Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland, have also announced plans to expand their services across Europe and introduce yet more night trains for tourists and business routes across the continent.

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Emily Proctor

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