Peaks: Make investing part of your everyday with the English app

Peaks: Make investing part of your everyday with the English app


Wouldn’t it be great to get your money working for you, allowing you to get on and enjoy life? Look no further than Peaks, one of the best investment apps for Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This super easy-to-use app has now been tailored to the English-speaking market in Germany. 

Dive into the world of ETFs with Peaks

With the Peaks app, diving into ETFs has never been easier - it seamlessly fits into your everyday routine, just the same as online banking. All you have to do is choose a risk profile that suits your appetite, and Peaks executes on your investments for you. It really is that easy. Peaks is on a mission to grow your wealth, while you focus on the other important areas of your life. 

While previously only available in German and Dutch, Peaks has introduced an English version of its app, opening up a world of possibilities for an international audience based in Europe who’d like to invest, much like yourself. 

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Peaks: The easy investment app for everyone

Investing (small) amounts that you can comfortably set aside is a key component of a strong financial strategy. However, even if you know this, you may have reservations about diving headfirst into investing, or have concerns about the associated risks. Or perhaps you just lack the interest or time to trade stocks or monitor the financial markets. 

In any of these scenarios, the Peaks investment app presents an excellent solution tailored to your needs.

Select an ETF portfolio that fits your needs 

The Peaks app stands out for its user-friendly nature, boasting a sleek and intuitive design accompanied by clear instructions. This makes the app not only interesting for experienced investors but also easy to navigate for beginners. Opening an account is a breeze, taking only a few minutes to set everything up. 

The app offers four pre-selected ETF portfolios with varying risk profiles, ranging from "Cautious" to "Adventurous". This makes it very easy to choose an ETF combination that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. 

Additionally, Peaks provides the option to customise your portfolio by selecting from a diverse list of additional ETFs. Notably, this list includes two regulated crypto products, offering a secure way of investing in cryptocurrencies without the complexities of trading them yourself.

peaks portfolios

Invest automatically (while you shop)

Peaks simplifies investing with automated deposit options, making it easier for you to set aside money. Set a fixed amount each week or month or activate the round-up feature, which works like this: every time you indulge in a treat like a mouthwatering pretzel or simply pay your electricity bill, the app automatically rounds up your expenses to the nearest euro. The difference is then invested in your chosen portfolio, ensuring that you invest for the future while living in the now. 

Spread your risks

Peaks offers well-diversified portfolios to maximise your investment potential and reduce your risk. This means that the portfolios invest in different sectors and companies globally. Furthermore, every fund included in Peaks' portfolios undergoes thorough screening to ensure alignment with sustainable and ethical standards. You can now invest with confidence, knowing that your money is making a positive impact while generating potential returns.

Transparent costs

At Peaks, the costs are pretty straightforward: users pay a fixed monthly fee based on their package as well as a low variable fee on investments. There are no additional costs for transactions, which makes it attractive to invest as often as you want, whenever it suits you. Furthermore, you can test Peaks for three months without paying for the app itself. 

About Peaks

Peaks is an Amsterdam-based and authorised investment company regulated by the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). The app is available in Germany and the Netherlands - so if you have a German or Dutch bank account, you are eligible to open a Peaks account. 

Visit for more information, or download the app and start your investing journey today!

Investing always involves risks. Please know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money.



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