Police investigate disappearance of 7-foot phallus from Bavarian mountain

Police investigate disappearance of 7-foot phallus from Bavarian mountain

An investigation has been launched into the disappearance of a giant wooden phallus from a mountainside in Bavaria. The 200-kilogramme sculpture has been described as an Allgäu cultural monument.

Police search for missing penis

German police are investigating the disappearance of a giant, seven-foot phallic sculpture from the Grünten mountain in Bavaria. Affectionately known as the “summit tip”, the sculpture, which suddenly appeared on the mountainside several years ago, seems to have been chopped down over the weekend, leaving only a pile of sawdust in its place.

Police in the small town of Kempten is looking into the disappearance, although it is unclear whether a crime has actually been committed, since there is no known owner of the sculpture. It is rumoured amongst the locals that it was gifted to someone as an 18th birthday present and, after the novelty of a giant penis wore off, taken into the mountains and left there.

A crime against culture

The sculpture had become a popular hiker’s destination over the years and even appears on Google Maps as a “cultural monument.” It also proved to be particularly popular with cows who like to rub up against it; the phallic monument has fallen a few times, but it has always been reset by passing hikers.

The “Guardian of the Allgäu” had become a well-known cultural icon around the Allgäu region and was even recently cited as the inspiration behind a new “tangy, natural red beer” by the Bernadibräu brewery, which is located on the route to the Grünten.

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