Prepare your German tax return with Wernli tax consultancy

Prepare your German tax return with Wernli tax consultancy


Not only has a new year begun, but also a new tax filing period. As an expat, filing your taxes is no walk in the park: German tax law is one of the most complicated systems within the European Union, with several thousand laws and directives ruling the taxation of individuals. Expats also need to consider international tax principles and deductions for relocation, double households, and more. 

Don’t struggle alone with your taxes; hand them to an expert like Wernli

Hand your tax affairs to Wernli

Wernli tax consultancy is a German tax law firm based in Frankfurt am Main that specialises in preparing tax returns for individuals, especially for expats and posted workers. The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in international taxation and the application of double taxation treaties.

Although based in Frankfurt, Wernli offers its services throughout Germany and Switzerland and can complete tax returns within just four weeks of receiving the necessary documents. The process is efficient and transparent - as the reviews of happy customers on Google show.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get a free quote

Get in touch with Wernli and provide them with information about your different sources of income, for instance: 

  • Salary from employment
  • Income from real estate 
  • Sale of shares
  • Cryptoassets

Tell them how high your income is, and your professional situation (e.g. if you’re in Germany long-term or just for a short-term secondment, if you have an employment contract, if you regularly work abroad), and the team at Wernli can give you a quote. 

Step 2: Gather your documents

Once you’ve instructed the firm to start preparing your income tax return, you will receive a list of required documents. Gather these and send them to your assigned tax consultant, either via post or email. 

Step 3: Wait for your tax return to be prepared

The Wernli tax consultant will then prepare your tax return and work to minimise your tax liability by claiming all possible deductions. You will receive your tax return within four weeks of submitting all your documents. If there is anything missing, or the advisor has any questions, you will receive a message. 

Step 4: Check and sign your tax return

It’s then your turn to check the information in your tax return and sign it. Once you’ve signed it off, Wernli tax consultancy will file the tax return with the tax office. The consultancy takes over all correspondence with the tax office until your tax assessment notice arrives, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

The tax office usually takes one to three months to issue your tax assessment notice, which Wernli will then check and forward on to you. 

Contact Wernli for a free quote

Take the stress out of taxes and maximise your refund by handing your return over to the experts. Contact Wernli tax consultancy to get a quote today. 



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