Record number of learners caught cheating on German driving tests in 2023

Record number of learners caught cheating on German driving tests in 2023

Learner drivers in Germany are either more mischievous or more desperate to get their licence - a record number of them are cheating on their driving theory exams.

Record number cheating through German driving exam

In the first nine months of 2023, 2.700 people in Germany have already been caught cheating on their driving theory exam. The figure is a 38 percent increase on the same period of last year and marks a record for the number of cheaters caught in one year.

In a third of cases, students were caught out when they sent someone else in their place to take the driving theory test on their behalf. A third of people caught cheating were found to be using a forbidden aid during the test, such as a mobile phone, headphones or a camera. The final third were old-school cheaters, caught red-handed with a crib sheet.

“We are also assuming that the actual figure is even bigger,” Richard Goebelt of the TÜV (the Technical Inspection Association) told broadcaster ntv

When their cheating plan was foiled, a number of students responded by verbally attacking the examiner present. In 20 cases throughout the year so far, learner drivers physically attacked examiners after they were caught cheating.

Harsher repercussions haven’t deterred theory test cheaters

The record figures come in the year following a government decision to adopt harsher repercussions for people who are caught cheating on their driving theory test in Germany. Since the spring of 2022, anyone in Germany who fails to follow exam conditions can be blocked from taking another test for nine months after the incident took place.

That said, the majority of people who fail their driving test in Germany still do so because of a lack of studying rather than nefarious activities. At the moment, almost every second person who is learning to drive fails the test. According to Goebelt, this is largely a result of the fact that traffic on Germany’s roads is becoming more dense and complex.

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