RKI: Third coronavirus wave "has already started" in Germany

RKI: Third coronavirus wave "has already started" in Germany

Exactly one year after the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of a global pandemic, the coronavirus situation in Germany is still tense. Reporting a further 14.356 new infections within one day on Thursday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has announced that a third wave has already started in Germany. 

RKI “very concerned” about coronavirus situation in Germany

“We have very clear signs of this: The third wave has already started in Germany,” said the President of the RKI, Lothar Wielder, in an interview with the UN Journalists’ Association in Geneva. “I am very concerned.” 

Health authorities in Germany reported 14.356 new cases of coronavirus to the RKI in the 24 hours to Thursday morning - an increase of 2.444 compared to one week ago. 321 more deaths were also recorded. 

The number of new infections reported within seven days per 100.000 inhabitants (the seven-day incidence rate), rose to 69,1, up from 65,4 the previous day. It has therefore exceeded the value of exactly four weeks ago: on February 11, the incidence rate was 64,2.

German vaccination drive a race against time

Wieler described the vaccination campaign as a race against the mutating virus, emphasising that the finish line is in sight: if there are no unforeseen interruptions due to production issues or other problems, 80 percent of the German population could be immune to COVID-19 by the autumn

“If that is the case, all measures can be lifted,” he said - although he did add that he assumes booster jabs will be necessary after the first round of vaccinations, to keep pace with the virus as it mutates. In the meantime, however, Wieler stressed the importance of maintaining protective measures such as wearing masks and keeping a distance. 



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MelissaBeuerlein2 23:06 | 13 March 2021

Covid is a scam, a media driven campaign of fear. If there is allegedly a third wave, then perhaps the lockdowns and the mask wearing silliness isn't working because if it worked, we wouldn't be in a "third wave." Open everything up and be done with this mess. Most people who are impacted by covid are people who have preexisting conditions and are sick. If they don't care enough about their own health, why in the hell should any of us. Open up and enjoy life.