Sale of pedigree cat leads to fight in Hamburg

Sale of pedigree cat leads to fight in Hamburg

A British shorthair cat made a run for it in Hamburg last weekend after the man selling the pedigree got into a fight while waiting for his potential customer.

Hamburg men enter cat fight

In the Hamburg neighbourhood of Neuallermöhe, a fight broke out on the evening of August 20 during the supposedly illegal sale of a British shorthair pedigree cat.

The brawl began after a man observed what he believed to be an illegal cat sale. He watched on as a 37-year-old man stood nearby with a cat carrier waiting for his prospective customer.

Believing he was witnessing a crime, the observer took out his mobile phone and began to film the man standing with the cat carrier. Soon, things began to escalate.

Cat vendor attacks witness

According to media reports, the man selling the pedigree cat did not react well when he realised he was being filmed, grabbing the mobile from the onlooker before a fight ensued.

Once the police arrived at the scene to assess what had happened between the two men, the key witness to the fight - the cat - had scurried off. Attempts to track down the fleeing feline were unsuccessful.

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