Second coronavirus wave already here, warns German medical association

Second coronavirus wave already here, warns German medical association

Second coronavirus wave already here, warns German medical association

Germany is already in the midst of a “second, flat wave” of coronavirus infections, according to a prominent medical association. The chairperson of the Marburger Bund has urged people not to downplay the risk posed by the pandemic and to continue following the rules. 

Germany seeing “second, flat surge” in coronavirus infections

According to the Marburger Bund - an association of around 120.000 doctors in Germany, based in Berlin - the second coronavirus wave has already arrived in the federal republic. Speaking to the Augsburger Allgemeine, the head of the medical association, Susanna Johna, said the recent rise in infection rates puts Germany in the middle of a “second, flat surge” - although not one comparable to the figures for March and April.

“There is a danger that we will gamble away the successes we have achieved so far in Germany with a combination of repression and a longing for normality,” said Johna. She urged people to continue to stick to the rules: “We all long for normality. But we are in a state that is not normal.” As long as there are no drugs to treat COVID-19, she said, the spread of the virus must be curbed. 

According to Johna, this can only be done using the AHA formula - distance, hygiene, mask (Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske) - as well as local lockdowns, where necessary. She compared the obligation to wear a mask with the introduction of seat belts in cars, which at the time was also met with violent resistance. Just as the seatbelt saves lives, she emphasised, “so does the mask.”   

Hospitals in Germany well-prepared

At the same time, Johna assured that hospitals in Germany are prepared for a rise in infection numbers - perhaps even better prepared, after having learned lessons from the first wave. 

Health authorities in German reported 879 new coronavirus infections on Monday, according to the Robert Koch Instititute. Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 211.281 people in Germany have been found to be infected with COVID-19.



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