Self-employed in Germany? Handle your finances with ease with Accountable

Self-employed in Germany? Handle your finances with ease with Accountable


Accountable is the freelancer's best friend. It’s a tax app that handles all the tax obligations and financial responsibilities faced by self-employed professionals in Germany. 

The possibilities of independent working are on the rise 

The opportunities for self-employed professionals are increasing with new tools and technology. More and more people are able to shape their own schedules and styles of working: from design to delivery, care to construction, marketing to management. But there’s more to being your own boss than meets the eye.

It means managing a lot of moving parts. Alongside the freedom and flexibility, self-employed life is often stressful. Particularly when it comes to taxes and finances. To prosper and thrive, clarity is critical.

Accountable is the guide for the self-employed expat in Germany 

Going out on your own doesn’t come with a guide, but it really should. That's why there is Accountable, the tax app and financial companion for English-speaking self-employed workers in Germany.

It equips self-employed professionals with the ability to handle their taxes and finances with ease and stay in control of their working lives. This means you can focus on the things that really matter: developing your craft and delivering to your clients.

Accountable brings your entire financial picture into focus

All your tax obligations in one screen 

Accountable is easy to use, quick to set up and brings your entire financial picture into focus. Not sure how to submit your taxes? Just add your revenue and expenses and the app generates your VAT return and sends it to the Finanzamt before you can even bat an eyelid. 

You can also generate your income tax return, together with your EÜR (profit and loss statement) and submit it, without a lot of extra time and effort. It’s also easy to create and send invoices directly to your clients and save all your receipts with the handy scan function.

Connect your bank account and everything you spend, earn and owe will be right there, in real time. Which means you’ll know exactly what you can afford and where you stand. 

You can either use the app with limited features for free or choose the paid BASIC or PRO plan, with the full range of features available. So whether you’re setting up shop on your own, letting that side hustle take centre stage or taking a trade by storm, you’ll always be up to date and in control.

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Register for free as self-employed with Accountable 

Accountable also supports you with registering as self-employed, for free. You can find the necessary form for the Finanzamt on the Accountable website

Moreover, you’ll get free resources that help you get started. When you register directly with Accountable, you even get six months of the PRO version for free! 

Get personal tax support in English from certified tax advisors

For the Accountable team, taxes are personal and they’re about people. That’s why the team is always available to help with questions. Whether you want to book a video demo, an info call, or ask for support in the livechat, it’s always quick and free. 

Should you have a more complicated tax issue, you can book an additional service with one of Accountable’s official and certified tax advisor partners. 

The Berlin-based company was founded on the belief that the freedom to choose where people work and what they do should not be limited by a lack of financial understanding. And that with the right tools and support, any self-employed person can prosper. 

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