Söder: Compulsory testing for all arrivals in Germany from August 1

Söder: Compulsory testing for all arrivals in Germany from August 1

It seems pretty certain that Germany will expand its compulsory testing requirement to all unvaccinated travellers, no matter where they are coming from or which means of transport they are travelling with. The state premier of Bavaria, Markus Söder, has even announced a provisional start date for the new regulation. 

New travel rules into Germany from August 1

“The federal government assured us today that it will now do everything to bring in a general test requirement from August 1,” Söder told ARD on Tuesday evening. “The rule is relatively simple: everyone needs a test if they return [to Germany], whether they are coming by car, train or plane.” 

He said the original plan to change the rules as of September 11 would have been a “joke”: “Then the school holidays are over, even in the states with late holidays.” 

No test obligation for vaccinated or recovered travellers

Up until now, unvaccinated travellers have been able to cross the border into Germany from some countries such as France without providing a coronavirus test, if they are driving or travelling by train. The obligation to test has only applied to air passengers and travellers from high-risk areas who have not been fully vaccinated against coronavirus or recovered from the disease. 

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Bild that the new rules would not apply to those who can prove they are fully vaccinated or have recovered from coronavirus. The rules will be enforced on a point-by-point basis, rather than by stationary border controls.



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