Start investing in your future with Lightyear

Start investing in your future with Lightyear


Whether you’ve recently moved to Germany or been here for a while - chances are you did so to invest in your future. Germany has one of the world’s strongest economies and offers residents an exceedingly high quality of life, so it’s not surprising that it remains one of the top destinations for internationals.

But once you’ve got your bases covered in Germany, you might want to start thinking about where to invest your savings to secure your future even further. According to an EU study, Germany has one of the highest financial literacy rates in the bloc, which is great news for you - because it means there are lots of opportunities to invest and not so many excuses not to. 

If you’re looking to get started, Lightyear is a pan-European investment platform that gives you low-cost access to a wide range of financial instruments to build your investment portfolio. Here’s what makes it a great choice for expats seeking to make investments in Germany. 

Join Lightyear using promo code EXPAT10 to get 10 free trades with a 50-euro deposit (T&Cs apply. Capital at risk.)

1. Security 

Safety first. Make sure the investment platform you go for is regulated by relevant financial authorities. Lightyear is regulated in Europe and the UK by the EFSA and FCA, respectively.

2. Multi-currency accounts 

Expats naturally juggle their savings in multiple currencies. This is why it’s a huge benefit to be able to hold and receive interest on the cash you have in different currencies without having to convert it all beforehand. Lightyear gives you access to free multi-currency accounts in euros, dollars, pounds and Hungarian forint. 

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3. Fees 

Many brokers make their money by charging for things that aren’t always clear on the website, for example, double currency conversions when you buy and sell international stocks, account inactivity fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees and custody fees. 

Lightyear’s mantra, on the other hand, is to charge as little as possible in order to execute at the highest standard. There are no hidden fees, you’ll only pay:

  • Conversion fee of 0,35%
  • 1-euro transaction fee for EU stocks
  • 0,1% (max 1 dollar) fee for US stocks

For foreign exchanges, the money is always converted at the live interbank rate. You can see Lightyear’s full pricing structure on their website. 

A lot of brokers make money in different ways. Make sure you read all the fine print and figure out exactly what it costs you to build a long-term portfolio with whichever platform you choose.

4. Interest 

Another important factor is making sure the platform you choose has a good interest offer. 

Lightyear offers interest that tracks the central bank rates, and has a fixed fee of 0,75%. The current rates mean you’re getting: 

  • 3,25% net on euros 
  • 4,50% net on pounds and US dollars

Many brokers offer attractive rates, but with certain caveats - such as limited deposit amounts, time-limited offers or offers valid only for new customers. At Lightyear, none of these apply. The same rates are available to everyone. 

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5. Diversification 

Ideally, the investment platform of your choosing will give you access to a wide range of international stocks, ETFs and funds. 

Lightyear gives you access to over 4.000 international stocks, ETFs, and BlackRock Money Market Funds with up to 5,59% gross yield (subject to daily fluctuations and fees), high liquidity and a low entry barrier. They also offer fractional shares. 

As an added bonus, Lightyear does not charge any fees for users to invest in ETFs (although some funds do charge their own fees).

Achieve your investment goals with Lightyear

Lightyear is committed to helping investors in Germany - locals and expats alike - achieve their investment goals, with an edge. 

Are you ready to start investing? Download the app and create a free account today. Sign up with a promo code EXPAT10, deposit at least 50 euros, and get 10 trades for free. T&Cs apply. Capital at risk.

**Gross yield shown as of 08/12/2023, subject to daily fluctuation and fees. Capital at risk, returns not guaranteed. Refer to the funds’ prospectuses and the Key (Investor) Information Document before making investment decisions. Both can be accessed on Lightyear’s web and mobile apps and the fund manager's website.



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