Stuttgart offering coronavirus vaccine to travellers at airport

Stuttgart offering coronavirus vaccine to travellers at airport

Stuttgart offering coronavirus vaccine to travellers at airport

Anyone travelling from the airport in Stuttgart can get vaccinated. Travellers can reserve a spot at the vaccination centre or simply just present their plane tickets upon arrival at the airport.

German airport offers vaccines to travellers

On Monday, the state health minister for Baden-Württemberg, Manne Lucha, announced that anyone travelling from Stuttgart from Wednesday, July 14 onwards can get vaccinated at the airport. Travellers will only need to present their tickets or proof of booking to be able to get their jab at the vaccination centre next to Stuttgart Airport. People who want to get inoculated before flying do not have to make an appointment at the centre, however, the airport has announced it will also be possible to reserve a place.

Anyone who wants to get vaccinated on the day of their flight should arrive four hours early, to allow themselves time to get jabbed and go through check-in and security. According to Lucha, it makes sense to get vaccinated before you travel, “in order to achieve the best possible protection.”

Travellers can visit the vaccination centre to get either their first or second dose, according to the health ministry. The BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available at the centre. A similar initiative started on the weekend in Stuttgart, whereby students at universities in the city can get vaccinated at the Robert Bosch Hospital. Around 6.000 doses are available until July 14.

An “attractive” vaccination drive

The demand for vaccines in Germany is stalling, and recently there have been calls to make getting a jab easier and more attractive. “In order to further advance the vaccination campaign, we have to join forces and make attractive offers,” Lucha said. There have been several examples of this in action: a drive-through vaccination centre was set up at an Ikea in Berlin, and other states have been offering walk-in centres at markets, festivals, community centres, and schools.

The latest figures reveal that 58,5 percent of the population has received at least one jab, while 42,6 percent are fully vaccinated. However, the figures also show that the number of people receiving jabs every day has fallen significantly in the past week.

On Monday, Jens Spahn admitted that doctors in Germany had administered as little doses as they did in February, when the vaccination drive was still struggling to get going. “Unlike February, we now have enough vaccines,” Spahn added. “The fact remains, please get vaccinated!”

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