Summer weather heading to Germany this weekend

Summer weather heading to Germany this weekend

Summer weather heading to Germany this weekend

With the unbelievably chilly May we’ve been having, it was beginning to look as if summer would never arrive in Germany. Fear not, however, for warmer temperatures and sunnier days are heading this way - just in time for the weekend!

Wednesday & Thursday: Rain across Germany

Despite the arrival of a warm front from the east, the chilly start to the week looks set to persist until Thursday at least. Temperatures in Germany will average around 11 degrees on Wednesday, with some light rain spattering Saxony, Berlin and Brandenburg before heading north and west.

On Thursday, as temperatures begin to rise across the whole country, the rain will finally arrive in drought-stricken northeast Germany. In Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, there could be up to 40 litres of precipitation per square meter as heavy rainfall batters Germany’s north coast. Elsewhere, there will be a smattering of showers across the country, from Munich to Hamburg, and temperatures will reach a balmy 21 degrees!

Summer hits Germany this weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, the temperature will climb to a maximum of 21 degrees as the whole country is bathed in glorious sunshine. But hold your horses - if you’re picturing yourself lazing in a deck chair in Costa del Deutschland, just remember that this is German summer weather… So along with higher temperatures expect the inevitable thundery showers.

Thunderstorms will be arriving initially in the west of Germany, with the cities Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt (and many other parts of the country) set to experience stormy weather on Sunday afternoon. Those in the southeast or the north will be blessed with the most sunshine and the smallest chance of thunderstorms.  

So, if you want to be properly prepared, your starter kit for this weekend should probably contain all of the following: barbecue, raincoat, flip-flops, towel, umbrella. You have been warned! 



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