Tax return deadlines in Germany extended due to coronavirus pandemic

Tax return deadlines in Germany extended due to coronavirus pandemic

The German government has extended the deadlines for annual tax returns due to the ongoing effects of coronavirus. The deadline for paying back any tax owed to the state has also been delayed.

2020 tax return deadline extended

The German government has agreed to push back the deadlines for 2020 tax returns. Those who fill out their own tax returns will now have an extra three months to submit their paperwork to the tax office, with the deadline being extended from July 31, 2021, to October 31, 2021.

At the same time, anyone who employs a tax advisor - which grants them an automatic extension anyway - will have the December 31 deadline extended until May 31 next year. The government has also implemented a three-month grace period for anyone who owes the state tax money, giving them extra time to pay back the money before interest starts to accrue. 

Some breathing room for German taxpayers

The government’s move to extend tax deadlines echoes that from earlier this year, when tax advisors were given an extra two months from December 31, 2020, to submit their clients’ 2019 tax returns.

The Bundesrat has stated that the decision to extend the tax deadlines for this year, which was agreed on in June, is intended to relieve some pressure on citizens and tax advisors who might be struggling during the pandemic.

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