Thousands volunteer for German coronavirus vaccine trials

Thousands volunteer for German coronavirus vaccine trials

Around 4.000 people have registered to participate in clinical trials for a coronavirus vaccine in southwestern Germany. The number of volunteers came as a welcome surprise to scientists. 

Surprising number of volunteers for German vaccine trial

A coronavirus vaccine trial at the University Hospital in Tübingen, near Stuttgart, has already attracted close to 4.000 volunteers, a surprising number for scientists who usually struggle to find participants for medical studies. "It's a real luxury situation, unlike usual clinical trials," said the study’s director, Peter Kremsner. "Normally we have trouble coming up with enough test subjects."

The clinical study began back in mid-June, to test the tolerability of a vaccine against COVID-19 developed by CureVac, a German biopharmaceutical company. Tests will also take place in Hanover and Munich, as well as Ghent in Belgium.

Since the trial began, around 50 people have received the vaccine. No side effects have been detected so far, according to Kremsner. Researchers intend to test 168 people in total, meaning that not everyone who has registered will be able to participate. If Phase 1 is successful, more studies with more participants will take place.

German government invests heavily in coronavirus vaccine

Back in June, the German government announced it would be acquiring a 300-million-euro stake in CureVac. The European Investment Bank will also loan the firm 75 million euros to help fund a production facility, which will aid in the development and mass production of a vaccine.

CureVac has said that the results from the first trials are expected in August.

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