Tickets now on sale for European Sleeper train from Berlin

Tickets now on sale for European Sleeper train from Berlin

Roll up, roll up, tickets are now available for the European Sleeper train between Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp and soon, London. If you’re looking to see Europe on a shoestring this summer, it might be time to get booking.

Ticket office open for Berlin-Brussels night train

Tickets for the new European Sleeper line running between Berlin, Deventer, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels are now on sale.

Though the line does not start running until May 25, 2023, planning your trip through northern Europe is already possible. The trains, which leave Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 10.56pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays and arrive in Brussels at 9.27am, are now open for bookings.

In more good news for train travellers, the new connection will also be extended to include Dresden and Prague from 2024, and at the other end of the line, makes a trip to London and the UK swifter via the Eurostar connection.

How much does a European Sleeper ticket cost?

If you’re super eager to feel the freedom and thrill of jumping on the sleeper train, leaving queues at the airport behind, tickets for the first day the Sleeper runs from Berlin to Brussels will set you back 99 euros for the cheapest option - a wide seat in a compartment of six people. 129 euros will get you a two-star “comfort” bed in a cabin of six.

More patient train-heads can secure a better deal for the summertime. A journey from Berlin to Brussels in late July will cost you 59 euros for a budget seat and 89 euros for a “comfort” bed. By the summer, a third, “deluxe” ticket option will also be available, which will cost continent trotters 129 euros for a place to lay their heads a three-bed berth.

Check the European Sleeper website for more information on ticket pricing and availability. 

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