Train passengers in Germany saved from strikes until 2023

Train passengers in Germany saved from strikes until 2023

Train passengers in Germany saved from strikes until 2023

Germans don't need to worry about strikes affecting their journeys on the train for another few years! Deutsche Bahn and the EVG transport union have finally concluded a collective agreement, putting an end to future strikes until 2023.

Deutsche Bahn comes to agreement with EVG

German rail company Deutsche Bahn has announced that there should be no more rail strikes until 2023. The announcement comes after the federally-owned company reached a collective bargaining agreement with the Railway and Transport Union (EVG), lasting for another two years.

In addition to the collective bargaining agreement over salaries, Deutsche Bahn also agreed on corona subsidies for workers that are members of the EVG. Employees will receive 1.100 euros in two instalments: one of 600 euros this year and another 500 euros next year. Additional funds have been made available for employee mobility and agreements were made for future remuneration structures.

Kristian Loroch, a negotiator for the EVG, said that the agreement has made it possible to bring peace within the company. "Everyone involved - above all our customers - can now plan safely again," said Martin Seiler, HR Director at Deutsche Bahn.

German transport unions compete

The EVG’s agreement with Deutsche Bahn comes just three weeks after the railway company’s agreement with the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL). The GDL and Deutsche Bahn reached a collective agreement after employees belonging to the union went on strike three times in August and September.

After Deutsche Bahn concluded their agreement with the GDL, the company publicly stated that it wanted to offer new agreements to the EVG, despite having already concluded an agreement with the union in September 2020.

The EVG and GDL are in direct competition when it comes to members and influence. The EVG is the bigger organisation and actually managed to gain an extra 100 euros in corona subsidies for its employees. EVG membership fees are set to increase by 1,5 percent on January 1, although the EVG has said that there will be improvements to allowances.

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