Ver.di announces nationwide strike for German airport security staff

Ver.di announces nationwide strike for German airport security staff

The German trade union ver.di has announced that airport security staff will join striking workers this week, bringing many airports to a standstill across Germany on February 1, 2024.

Airport staff to strike on February 1, ver.di announces

Airport security staff will go out on strike across the country on February 1, ver.di, one of Germany’s largest trade unions, has announced.

The strike is expected to bring air travel to a standstill at airports in Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

The 25.000 airport security staff represented by ver.di will begin their strike in the early hours of Thursday morning until midnight moving into February 2.

Ver.di negotiates new collective agreement with German airports

The strikes were announced as ver.di continues negotiations with German airports on behalf of its members.

At the same time, the union is negotiating new agreements with local transport associations, with workers set to strike in every state apart from Bavaria on February 2.

Meanwhile, the GDL will re-enter negotiations with Deutsche Bahn next week. After announcing a peace agreement until March 3, GDL leader Claus Weselsky announced at a press conference that things were “moving in the right direction."

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GaryHohenstein2 20:12 | 31 January 2024

Typical of the **sholes at Ver.di. just inconvenience the public and not the management.