[Video] Germany’s strangest laws

[Video] Germany’s strangest laws

[Video] Germany’s strangest laws

No one likes a run-in with the police, especially if you didn’t even know you were doing something wrong! If you live here or you’re planning on visiting the federal republic anytime soon, you might want to get wised up to ensure you stay out of trouble.

Get clued up on the law in Germany

A country famed for being fond of rules, Germany has no shortage of regulations - but some of them are a lot stranger than others. Did you know, for example, that sticking your tongue out at someone could land you with a 150-euro fine? It is also forbidden to wash your car in front of your own home, a crime that could saddle you with thousands of euros in fines!

So, unless you want to get arrested for dancing in the streets or doing DIY on a Sunday, watch the video below to get clued up on some of Germany’s strangest laws.

Which of these laws seems the weirdest to you? Have you fallen foul of any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

William Nehra


William Nehra

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dusanka1 12:45 | 19 December 2019

Wow, I've been washing my car outside the house on and off for three and a half years and had no idea.