Vodafone Red Business Prime: Switch and save with a flexible business tariff

Vodafone Red Business Prime: Switch and save with a flexible business tariff


Are you a sole trader or business owner in Germany? If you’re looking for a reliable network with premium support and exclusive advantages for business customers, look no further than Vodafone

Take out a new Vodafone business contract and get a free 100-euro voucher!

The benefits of a business mobile contract

With the rise of remote working, it has never been so important for business owners and their employees to be contactable on the move. For many companies, and especially those with remote or hybrid structures, mobile phones have replaced fixed phone lines. Providing employees with a mobile phone can not only be a great perk, but also improve productivity and ease communication. 

And if you’re a sole trader still using your personal phone for business, you stand to save not only money by switching to a business phone contract: a business phone can help you manage your outgoings, potentially save on taxes, and also help keep your work and personal lives separate. 

Whatever kind of business you run in 2023, switching to a business mobile contract can benefit you in several ways: 

  • Save money with scaled pricing and VAT deductions
  • Unify business communication
  • Pool data, minutes and texts to balance usage and save money
  • Access a wider range of devices
  • Centralise billing to keep a better track of spending

Business mobile phone tariffs from Vodafone

With Vodafone’s mobile communication solutions and services, your business will always stay connected. Vodafone knows that businesses come in all different shapes and sizes, and with different needs from their mobile phone contract, and so offers a range of tariffs.

For a limited time only, new customers taking out a business contract online can benefit from a special 15-percent discount: 

If you need extra flexibility, you can get a second SIM card for free,allowing you to use the same mobile number on multiple devices. You can also set up “My Office Number” to display your landline number to customers when calling from your mobile. 

Plus, if you’re taking out more than one contract, you get a 25-percent discount on all contracts

Benefit from numerous business advantages

As a Vodafone business customer, you benefit from a range of fantastic benefits:

Europe-wide flat rate

All Vodafone business tariffs come with unlimited calls and texts to German and European phone numbers, both landlines and mobile phones. You can use your calls, texts and data in Germany and anywhere in the European Union for free, with EU roaming included as standard. 

Reliable network with 5G included

Surf at high speed with Vodafone. Their reliable 5G network allows you to be reached anywhere and at any time throughout Germany and across the European Union. 

Personal customer support

Each business account comes with a personal contact person who can provide support via a 24 / 7 hotline if you need advice or have any questions or concerns. 

Free GigaDepot

With the new GigaDepot, you can automatically take your unused data allowance with you into the next month, free of charge. Used up this month’s data allowance? No problem! You simply use your remaining data from the previous month. This applies to all Vodafone Red Business Prime tariffs automatically. 

Individual offers

Since no two businesses are the same, Vodafone allows business customers to create personalised contract plans with permanently favourable conditions. Simply submit a request, outlining your current costs and what you need, and Vodafone will provide you with an individual offer that combines mobile communications, internet and landlines for a better deal. 

100 percent climate neutral

To cap it all off, Vodafone’s green mobile network is 100 percent climate friendly, thanks to carbon offsetting schemes. 

Which Red Business Prime tariff is right for me? 

Ready to make the switch but unsure which tariff is right for you? Here’s the lowdown: if you are often in direct contact with customers and need some data at a good price, then the Red Business Prime Go is the right tariff for you. If you do a lot of your daily work online, or upload and download a lot of data on your mobile device, then Prime Unlimited is right for you. 

Get a free Amazon gift card with new contracts

For a limited time only (until December 31, 2023), Vodafone is offering a free 100-euro gift card to all customers who take out a new business tariff. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Enter your email address on Vodafone’s partner site
  2. Complete your purchase of a new business tariff on
  3. Once the contract has been successfully concluded, you will receive an email containing your voucher 



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