What did Germany Google most in 2019?

What did Germany Google most in 2019?

Lots happened in Germany this year, but what was bugging people so much they had to turn to the internet for answers? No need to Google it, we have the answer right here! 

Google trends in Germany 2019

This year, many people in Germany were gripped by the case of the missing teenager Rebecca Reusch, who disappeared from Berlin back in February. The investigation was followed so intently that no other search term was typed so frequently in Germany as Rebecca’s name. 

The devastating fire that destroyed one of Paris’s best-loved landmarks was the second-most searched term in 2019, followed by the Handball World Cup, a far more joyful event. The top 10 searches in Germany for 2019 are as follows:

  • 1. Rebecca Reusch
  • 2. Notre Dame
  • 3. Handball World Cup
  • 4. Karl Lagerfeld
  • 5. Julen
  • 6. European Elections
  • 7. Women’s World Cup
  • 8. 30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • 9. Thomas Cook
  • 10. Greta Thunberg

Top what, how and where searches

Plenty of us also turn to Google when we have a what, how or where question. Here are some of the mysteries most puzzling Germany this year:

“What” (was) searches

  • 1. What is Article 13?
  • 2. What is Brexit?
  • 3. What does Kappa mean?
  • 4. What is a geisha?
  • 5. What is Area 51?

“How” (wie) searches

  • 1. How to floss dance
  • 2. How much is basic pension?
  • 3. What is Prince Harry’s baby called?
  • 4. How does the Queen sign documents?
  • 5. How old is Mero?

“Where” (wo) searches

  • 1. Where is 31.10. a holiday?
  • 2. Where is Rebecca?
  • 3. Where does the appendix hurt?
  • 4. Where is Sri Lanka?
  • 5. Where is Doha?

Google’s Year in Search 2019

Here is Google’s summary of 2019 in search:



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