When is the 2023 deadline to post your Christmas presents from Germany?

When is the 2023 deadline to post your Christmas presents from Germany?

Snow has covered much of Germany and Christmas is just around the corner! Here are the Deutsche Post deadlines to meet if you want presents to arrive with your loved ones on time, wherever they are in the world.

Deutsche Post Christmas deadlines 2023

If you’re an expat who has decided to experience Christmas in Germany this year, you’ll need to get organised if you would like family and friends back home to receive their Stollen and socks in time for the big day. If you're sending mail via Deutsche Post, Germany's biggest postal service, the following dates apply: 

For friends and family living in neighbouring European countries (except France), the deadline falls on December 14, after that date you can expect your packages - large or small - to arrive after Christmas. If you're sending packages within Europe but further afield than Germany's neighbouring countries, the deadline to send them is December 11. 

Things are even tighter for those with family beyond Europe. Anyone in this group can pay for premium senders service until December 5 to make sure packages arrive on time. The deadline to send packages for the standard price already passed on November 28.

Things are a little more relaxed if you’re sending packages to friends you’ve made in Germany; the deadline for that is December 20. 

If you’re just planning to send cards this year and give gifts in person, the deadline to send your letters within Europe is December 13, to the rest of the world, December 6 and to friends in Germany, December 21.

What are Deutsche Post’s tips for a stress-free Christmas?

So that you don’t have a pre-Christmas panic, Deutsche Post advises customers to get their packages and cards to the post office or Packstation as early as possible.

If you’ve received a package and have been notified, the company also encourages people to pick up their prezzies punctually, so that post offices are not overwhelmed with boxes.

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