Which German roads will be particularly busy this Christmas?

Which German roads will be particularly busy this Christmas?

The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) has warned drivers that traffic will be particularly heavy over the next few days as many travel ahead of Christmas. These routes are expected to be most affected:

Heavy Christmas traffic expected in Germany

Ahead of the Christmas weekend, Germany’s ADAC has predicted traffic on the country’s roads and autobahns to pick up on Thursday evening and be chock-a-block on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Anyone who wants to avoid long jams should set off outside of these times for a painless journey. Long-distance trains and airports are also expected to be very busy in the next few days.

Which roads in Germany will be particularly busy?

Across the country, there are several roads which are predicted to have particularly heavy traffic. Naturally, these mainly concern routes in and around large German cities.

The ADAC has named the A1 between Cologne and Hamburg, the A2 between Dortmund and Berlin and the A7 from the Danish border to Hanover and Kassel, reaching down to the Austrian border, as routes which will likely see jams.

Drivers travelling across from Stuttgart to Austria on the A8 or from southern Germany down into Switzerland can also expect delays, partly thanks to the recent heavy snowfall in the Swiss mountains. Drive carefully!

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