Woman robbed of her life savings outside bank in Hamburg

Woman robbed of her life savings outside bank in Hamburg

A woman in Hamburg had 50.000 euros stolen from her when a thief that made off with her handbag. Fearing a financial collapse as the result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the woman had withdrawn her life savings from her account.

Thief steals handbag worth 50 grand

On April 16, the woman in question was walking from the bank branch to her car when a cyclist pinched her handbag and rode off. Now, while having your handbag stolen is always an unfortunate affair, this incident was made all the more disastrous by what was in this particular handbag: 50.000 euros.

The woman had just finished withdrawing her life savings, fearing that her bank would go under in an economic recession brought on by the coronavirus crisis. The handbag was stolen from the woman right outside the bank branch, but it is still unclear whether the crime was a coincidence or if the woman was targeted.

Commenting on the unusually large sum of money stolen, a spokesperson for the police said, “It is rare that handbag robberies yield such sums.”

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