One dead and 20 injured in Flixbus crash between Berlin and Tieste

One dead and 20 injured in Flixbus crash between Berlin and Tieste

A young woman has been killed and 20 fellow passengers injured after a Flixbus crashed on the Austrian motorway between Germany and Italy.

Austrian Flixbus crash causes passenger fatality

A 19-year-old woman has died after a Flixbus coach overturned off a motorway in Austria early on the morning of September 19. The coach was travelling between Berlin and Trieste and came off the autobahn near Micheldorf, a village between Salzburg and Vienna.

According to German police, 20 passengers have been injured in the crash and another young woman has been taken to hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

There were around 40 passengers onboard the double-decker bus, hailing from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine. The cause of the crash, which was reported to the emergency services by someone driving behind the bus, is still unknown.

How safe is travelling with the Flixbus?

Recent years have seen multiple Flixbus crashes in Germany, a number of which have resulted in passenger fatalities.

That said, travelling with Flixbus is generally safe. According to calculations by t-online, there are only 0,12 fatalities for every billion passenger kilometres covered by Flixbus - the number of passengers multiplied by the distance travelled.

This makes travelling by Flixbus about as safe as travelling by train in Germany. For comparison, the same figure sits at 1,97 for driving or riding in a car.

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