5 reasons to move to Munich

5 reasons to move to Munich

5 reasons to move to Munich

If you’re thinking of moving to Germany, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a new city to live in. Crown Relocations gives us five top reasons why Munich should be top of your list. 

Munich attracts many newcomers (or “Zuagroasten”, as they are known locally) every year. It’s not surprising when you consider how much there is to see and do in the city. Here are five reasons why you should move to Munich. 

1. A truly international hub

As Germany’s third largest city, Munich truly is an international hub. Attracted by the city’s prime location and wealth, many global companies like BMW, Siemens and PWC are based in Munich. Not surprising, then, that around 22 percent of the 1.3 million citizens in Munich come from abroad. While most Germans will have basic English skills if you really want to understand a culture, you need to learn the local language.

2. Natural beauty at its best

Surprisingly for such a big city, nature has a strong footing in Munich, with water, forests and public parks taking up a total of 19.8 percent of the municipal area. One top spot for many is “Englischer Garten”, a large public park in the centre of Munich that covers around 900 acres, making it even larger than New York’s Central Park. Filled with lakes and streams, it is a favourite jaunt of Müncheners on hot summer days and will be the perfect place to take a photo to send home.  

3. Home of the beer drinker

Oktoberfest, the globally-renowned beer festival that brings millions of visitors to the city every year, is probably Munich’s biggest claim to fame. Autumn isn’t the only time to enjoy a tipple in the city, however, as Munich residents are keen beer drinkers. During the summer time, Biergartens are the place to be. Although you’ll find many throughout the city, one really worth a visit is the Augustiner Keller. Dating back to the 1800s, Augustiner Keller is the city’s oldest beer garden and is steeped in history.

4. An unbeatable location within Europe 

When thinking about moving to another country, one vital thing is the location. This is where Munich leaps ahead with its easy connection to the rest of Europe. You can drive to Italy in two hours, go skiing in the Alps on the weekend or be anywhere else in Europe via plane in no time at all. The city’s central location means that you are not able to explore not only your new home but the whole of Europe!

5. Efficient travel

Although you may choose to drive in Munich, you should know that the city’s public transportation is second to none, making getting about an absolute breeze. The MVG (Munich’s public transportation company) runs an efficient network of highly efficient buses, trains and trams. You can also download the MVG app to plan journeys and even buy tickets on your mobile phone. The app also has some other great features to help you navigate the city, including maps of WiFi hotspots and traffic updates.

Of course, the things we have listed here are barely scratching the surface of everything that is great about living in Munich. What are some of your favourites? 

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