Buy your German home in 4 easy steps with LoanLink

Buy your German home in 4 easy steps with LoanLink


We know - German mortgages can be complicated. They can be a downright pain. Getting your head around all the different mortgage types and interest rates to choose the best lender for your financial situation is difficult. And even more so when the property market is booming and you have to act quickly. 

That’s where LoanLink comes in. 

LoanLink: Your German mortgage broker

Germany’s first online mortgage broker has revolutionised the industry with their digital lending platform. By directly connecting customers with more than 400 German lenders, LoanLink is able to streamline and optimise the entire mortgage process. The simple online application saves customers time and money, while also making the entire property purchasing process transparent and hassle-free. 

Unlike many mortgage brokers, LoanLink doesn't charge any service fees

LoanLink uses smart, cutting-edge technology to compare the entire market, helping you to find the best German mortgage products and the lowest interest rates.

What’s more, their service is specifically designed with internationals in mind, especially blue card holders, international investors, freelancers and EU citizens. And, unlike many mortgage brokers, they don’t charge any fees for their service. 

How to buy a home in Germany with LoanLink

Here’s how LoanLink can help you secure your dream German home, in four easy steps. 

1. Calculate what you can afford

First things first, you need to get an idea of what you can afford - ideally before you even start looking for a home. LoanLink’s German Mortgage Affordability Calculator takes into account multiple important factors to calculate the maximum amount a bank can lend you to buy a house or apartment in Germany. 

Not only does their calculator consider aspects such as your monthly net income and down payment amount, but it also incorporates detailed algorithms for applicants with different employment situations and residency statuses. Instead of a rough estimate, the calculator uses live data from 400+ lenders to give you an accurate idea of your maximum affordability in just a few clicks. 

2. See your options

Once you’ve put in your details, LoanLink’s advanced technology compares mortgage options from over 400 different German banks. It instantly runs an affordability check and suggests three personalised offers. 

One of LoanLink’s certified mortgage experts will then explain each offer thoroughly and answer all of your questions to ensure you are making an informed and unbiased decision.

german mortgage previews

3. Get expert support

The support doesn’t stop after your initial consultation - no matter whether you are purchasing or refinancing a property, LoanLink’s experienced advisors are available around the clock to guide you through the entire German property purchase process - by live chat, email or phone. 

As well as providing unbiased guidance on all aspects of your mortgage decision, including interest rates, closing costs, monthly instalments, government funding programmes and special features like unscheduled payments, LoanLink’s dedicated, English-speaking mortgage brokers can offer free real estate valuations.

They can also get you pre-approved - in as little as 10 minutes - to help you stand out from other potential buyers in an overcrowded and competitive market. 

4. Secure your mortgage

Once you have chosen your financing offer, you need to submit your application and accompanying documents to the lender. But relax - you can leave the paperwork to the experts! 

This entire process is handled by LoanLink, who will provide you with a checklist of the documents you need to submit. 

They then create the financing application on your behalf and handle all correspondence with the lender. All you need to do is wait until the mortgage approval comes through!  

LoanLink’s free service is trusted by tens of thousands of people

10.000 people can’t be wrong - LoanLink’s team of experienced brokers has already helped thousands of people all over Germany buy their dream home. And with a 97 percent "excellent" rating on Truspilot, they've got no shortage of happy customers. 

Ready to join them? Get in touch with LoanLink today and take the first step towards your new German home! 



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