Get English-speaking, green electricity in Germany with Ostrom

Get English-speaking, green electricity in Germany with Ostrom


Have you ever stumbled upon Grundversorger, Zählernummer, or Kündigungsfrist in your electricity bill and didn't understand a thing? Or perhaps you wanted to cancel, only to discover the Mindestlaufzeit of your contract is 24 months, and, when you tried to contact the Kundenhotline, that they don’t speak English? 

Then Ostrom has what you need: a new digital utility company that gives one flexible monthly tariff, sourcing only green energy - and all in English! 

Energy in Germany can be simple and understandable! 

Ostrom removes all the hassles associated with switching and signing up for electricity. The company launched earlier this year, with the mission of making it as easy as possible for anyone in Germany to get 100 percent green energy. 

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Why choose Ostrom? 

There are many reasons why Ostrom is different from other traditional providers: 

One flexible monthly plan, without lock-ins 

No more confusing tiers, no more sneaky tricks: Instead of making you choose from a deluge of confusing plans, Ostrom gives everyone a single, transparent monthly tariff, no matter whether you are a new or a long-term customer. And since you can sign up and cancel anytime, you are always in control. 

Truly multilingual in English & German - even the contracts 

There's nothing scarier than signing up for something in a language you don't understand, and getting those lengthy German contracts can be really intimidating. Ostrom is truly unique in this regard, being the only energy company to offer a website, app, customer service - and even the contract - in both English and German. No more Google Translate-ing! 

All-digital experience - Sidestep the post and faxes

Germany can be notoriously fond of sending stuff by mail - and this includes most traditional utility companies. Ostrom, on the other hand, offers a fully digital experience, so that everything from viewing invoices and entering your meter readings to toggling your monthly payment is done within the app

This means that you can always keep a track of how much electricity you’re using, so you don’t get that dreaded Nachzahlung end of year bill shock. 

Live support chat (with real people!) 

Expats in Germany are never lacking for customer service horror stories. Most companies insist that you speak to them on the phone, which makes life difficult for non-German speakers (and there’s a limit to the number of times you can ask a friend to call up for you!) 

Ostrom offers live chat customer support on both their website and app, in English and German. They’re responsive - and even the founders themselves sometimes get involved to help out new customers! Perfect if you don’t want to deal with sending a letter or (god forbid) a fax. 

100% renewable energy that doesn't break the bank

In 2021, sustainability is truly mainstream. While Germany gets an impressive 47 percent of its power from renewable sources, it's always good to check your utility provider's green credentials. Ostrom only buys from renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro

It’s a common misconception that renewable energy is always more expensive: Ostrom’s prices are comparable or even cheaper than fossil fuel tariffs. Check them out for yourself. That’s good for you and good for the planet! 

Switching takes just 5 minutes!

It couldn't be easier to get started with Ostrom. Sign up today - switching is completely free - and if you really get stuck during the sign-up, just ask them in the chat in English. 



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