How to find a furnished apartment in Germany

How to find a furnished apartment in Germany

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How to find a furnished apartment in Germany

Finding a furnished rental is one thing plenty of new arrivals in Germany struggle with. euhabitat, a platform for furnished apartments in Germany, explains how you can find your perfect rental.

One problem that almost all newly-arrived expats come across when they’re house-hunting is that standard rented apartments in Germany are generally unfurnished. And in Germany, unfurnished really means unfurnished - we’re talking no light fittings, no flooring, and sometimes even no kitchen.

Another issue people face when they're coming to a new city is the lack of familiarity – take my friend Stephanie, for example. She recently found her dream job in Berlin and had to move within a month, not knowing where to start looking: which district best suited her interest, where could she meet like-minded people, find the best coffee and have a short commute to work? For people like Stephanie, having a local contact with insider tips to help with your apartment hunt can ease a lot of stress.

A furnished apartment is therefore often far more convenient than searching for an unfurnished rental. Here’s a rundown of why a furnished rental might be a good option for you, what kinds of furnished apartments are on offer in Germany, and how you go about renting one.  

Why choose a furnished apartment?

For business travellers, a furnished apartment offers everything you would find in a hotel room - at a better price and with additions like a small kitchen, additional rooms or laundry rooms.

Even if you are planning to stay in Germany long-term (or perhaps even permanently), renting a furnished apartment when you first arrive is a great way to make sure you land on your feet. Instead of moving into an empty, unfurnished apartment - or even worse, having to move to Germany without anywhere to live - sorting out a furnished rental in advance gives you a stable base from which you can discover the city, get up to speed with your new job, and take time to check out unfurnished rentals in person.

Most furnished apartments have everything you need – including towels, bed linen and cutlery. You can go from the airport straight to your new apartment and feel right at home.

So what kind of options do expats have when it comes to furnished apartments? Well, plenty, if you know where to look!

Finding a furnished rental: How long are you staying?

First things first, if you’re looking for furnished accommodation in Germany, it’s important to know how long you’ll be staying for. Depending on the duration of your stay, there are different options for furnished rentals.

Short-stay rentals

If you are on a business trip for several days or weeks, a short-stay apartment is your best option. Furnished short-stay rentals offer all the comfort of a hotel room at better prices and in all the best locations. Short-stay apartments in Germany are commonly found in modern serviced apartment buildings.

Some of the perks of short-stay rentals include a front desk, in-house restaurant or bar, co-working spaces or laundry services. Many short-stay rentals also come with cooking facilities.  

Furnished long-stay apartments

If you are travelling to Germany for an extended business trip, project, semester abroad or trial period for your new job, a furnished long-stay apartment could be a great option for you. These rentals are available for several months or even years.

Furnished apartments in Germany are usually “löffelfertig” when you move in - meaning they are fully furnished and equipped with all the necessities like dishes and cutlery, often even including bed linen and towels. All you need to bring is your luggage.

Finding a furnished apartment in Germany

When it comes to searching for a furnished apartment in Germany, the good news is that it’s something you can almost definitely get sorted before you even arrive in the country - meaning you can travel straight from the airport to your new home, stress-free.

There are a variety of different offers for furnished apartments in Germany - from apartment houses to private sublets and holiday rentals like Airbnb.

One perk of using a specialised agency is that they offer local expertise and a personalised search service: simply inform them about your must-haves and receive a list of furnished rentals tailored to your needs. Washing machine, cleaning service, gym nearby, balcony, car park - no problem!

How much does it cost to rent a furnished apartment?

Rental prices for furnished apartments vary according to which German city you are moving to. For instance, Munich is well-known for being an expensive city when it comes to accommodation, whereas Bonn and Nuremburg are cheaper. Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne sit somewhere in the middle. It’s a good idea to start your search with a budget in mind - you’ll quickly discover whether it is too low or too high!  

It’s also worth bearing in mind that rental prices for furnished accommodation are generally proportionally lower if the duration of your stay is longer. It also goes pretty much without saying that the more perks you have in the way of services and amenities, the more your accommodation is going to cost.

Since furnished apartments are built with simplicity in mind, rental prices for most furnished apartments in Germany include utilities (“Warmmiete”) - meaning that extra costs for things like maintenance, waste disposal and water are included.

Gas and electricity, on the other hand, are sometimes billed separately. You may also be charged for the Rundunkbeitrag (GEZ), a monthly TV license fee for Germany’s public broadcasting channels that has to be paid for each apartment.

Make sure you carefully read each rental listing, or check your contract, if you are unsure which costs are and are not included in the rent.

euhabitat is your platform for furnished apartments in Germany, offering over 20.000 unique, individually furnished rentals, in sought-after districts and at a reasonable price. Their services are free of charge for the tenant, so you never have to worry about hidden fees. Find your new dream rental in Germany today!

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